September 2019 Bead Mat Update: Let the Fall begin!

What would the September 2019 Bead Mat Update be, without a mention of the Autumn Equinox! It was on the 23rd, but it’s the official sign that Summer is now officially over!

Crazy I know, but I actually like fall! Cooler temperatures bring fabulous colours, then you can put away all those tired t-shirts, and capris! Yeah, like we ever want to do that!!! But the magnificent colours of the leaves, makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Fall also brings a renewed interest in learning new things! Where better to do this, than from our marvelous instructors at BeadFX?

I’ve had a crazy kind of September, with very little down time on my weekends! Not that I’m complaining, but it does cut into my creative time. I showed you my demo pieces, from my two weekend classes (Needlefelted Pendants, and Exploring Artist’s Concrete) in last week’s blog post, now here’s my Bead Embroidered Button from last Thursday’s class. Low on students, but high on creativity! Would you believe that I thought up this colour combo (and bought most of the beads), on the night of the class? It seems that I just didn’t think about my own personal beads, when I was packing for the class. I used a flat button for this one, and turned it into a brooch.

September 2019 bead mat

To flesh out my September 2019 bead mat update, I decided to play a little more with Quick Cure Clay in preparation for my November class. I started, and cured the bowl several weeks ago, but just added both the edging, and a textured inside layer. It does need colour, but I’m not sure that it’s finished, so back on the shelf it will go!

September 2019 bead mat

This is my rather lame attempt at making a scary face pendant! A sculptor I am not, but it’s a start! I think that I’m done with the colouring, but there’s still time to fine tune the face, before adding a coat of either Ice Resin, or some type of matte glaze. Granted, I won’t make anyone else sculpt faces, in the class, but I just wanted to see if I could do it.

September 2019 bead mat

I helped Amanda staff the BeadFX booth, at the Wonders of the Earth, Scarborough Gem & Mineral Club show, last Sunday. That’s always fun, but I always end up spending money. I think that Amanda wins the prize this time, but I did my fair share of damage, on a bunch of smaller items.

September 2019 bead mat

The teeny bottles are adorable, but I couldn’t resist adopting them. Then I spotted even smaller ones, so had to have them too!! I plan on using the contents in either Ice Resin, Artist’s Concrete, or Quick Cure Clay, then I’ll re-cycle the bottles into some Boho-type jewelry.

September 2019 bead mat
September 2019 bead mat

If that’s not all, I re-spotted these Chrysocolla pebbles in the store on Monday. They are one of my favourite stones, but I noticed that we only had three lonely strands on the shelf, so I bought two of them! Stringing, or wire wrapping, that is the question?

But I haven’t shown you my latest Stitch Meditations! Here’s one of my Twinchies, and a Teeny, Tiny, Tag!

So that brings me to the end of my September 2019 bead mat update! My schedule is a bit slower now, so I’m looking forward to the fall colours, rest, and a return to creativity!

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