Change is Good: But how will you deal with it?

Change is good, but it’s also a way to show that we’re evolving. Yet, what does that have to do with anything?

The changing of the seasons is sign of renewal, and regeneration. Don’t we need to do this as well? I know that many of us resist the “change is good” scenario. Yet without it, we probably won’t grow into our potential. But don’t you want to grow into your potential?

change is good

I know that I harp on you about classes, but that’s one way to grow as a beader, or knitter, metal worker, fibre artist, weaver, etc. I love to take (and teach) classes, but more than that, I’m addicted to learning new techniques! Not that I have time to learn every technique, but then again, I might like too many of them. I already have a wee bit of a problem (err, should I say addiction). But BeadFX has some great classes!!!

I started my passion for techniques in the fibre world. I learned all about them from a very special instructor (she knows who she is) Then I started beading, which lead to the Bead Journal Project. Then, visual journaling, intuitive bead embroidery, and freeform peyote. But that’s not all! Two years ago, I circled back to the fibre world, when I became involved with Stitch Meditations, and the whole slow stitch movement.

Fibre will always be special to me, but I think it might be time to get more involved with my beading again. After all, I do work at BeadFX! No, I don’t plan to give up my fibre, or mixed media, yet I do need to spend a little more quality time with my beads. I certainly don’t want to get stale!

Then, speaking of new techniques, I learned a new one when Kaska Fior was in town. I’ve resisted a lot of wire weaving, mainly because my eyes don’t like to focus on shiny pieces of wire for very long. However, I’ve wanted to learn the wire looping technique for years, so this was my opportunity! What I know now, is that it’s hard to keep the loops even, but it’s also an exercise in intuitive problem solving, which I really enjoy! A welcome change, and a new addition to my artistic toolbox!

By the way, Kaska had all sorts of lovely, shiny stones for us to choose from, but what did I pick, a rock!!! I loved the uneven shape, and thought that it would be more interesting to work on.

change is good

Then, last weekend I dug into my beach finds, and played around with this one. Who says that your wires need to match? I want to combine the wire looping, with my freeform peyote, but first I need to work on my loops a little more.

change is good

Speaking of change, here’s the 100th Twinchie (2” x 2”) I just finished for my series. I decided, when I started this 2019, Stitch Meditation series, that I would stop at this milestone.  Although I’m still working on a couple of other related projects, I doubt that I will start another series of this type, in the near future. Only time will tell!

change is good

Change is good, but I’m not really sure what it will mean for me in 2020! I’m betting that it will be a mix of many of my favourite techniques, including intuitive beading, wire, and fibre. Isn’t that what mixed up media is all about? How do you plan to introduce change into your life?


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