OOAK – Pyritized Ammonite Negative

s63374 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 12mm Square - Pyritized Ammonite Negative
s63372 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 8x11mm Half Circle - Pyritized Ammonite Negative
s63371 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 13x16mm Rectangle - Pyritized Ammonite Negative
s63368 OOAK Stone Pendant - 33mm Freeform - Pyritized Ammonite Negative
s63366 OOAK Stone Pendant - 38mm Freeform - Pyritized Ammonite Negative

Wow. Just wow. This is not a fossil – rather it is an ancient imprint of the place where an ammonite shell once rested. A fossil footprint, so to speak. The imprints became impregnated with pyrite (hence the term pyritized), giving us a gleaming metallic impression of where a shell once sat in the mud. Wouldn’t you like to have one of these one-of-a-kind items?

Now THAT is something different.

Also, stunningly different.

s63359 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 25x58mm Oval - Specular Hematite

This amazing Specular Hematite cabochon. You might have to see this in person to see the wow factor. This one takes my breath away, not in a dazzling, blingy shine-like-a-diamond or intense colour kind of way, but in an oh-my-gawd I’ve never seen anything like that before! Like crystalized spun metal. Also known as specularite. Check out the close up photo to see what I mean.

In the light of these stunning items – well, it’s hard to give some love to these poor little one of a kind Labradorite Cabochons. (sniff)

s63376 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 30mm Square - Labradorite
s63378 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 30mm Square - Labradorite

Or this equally awesome Deschutes Jasper

s63363 OOAK Stone Cabochon -  Triangle - Deschutes Jasper
s63364 OOAK Stone Cabochon -  Triangle - Deschutes Jasper

There is some wonderful new stuff this week, but those Pyritized Ammonite Negatives – they are upstaging everyone. 😉

Christmas is coming.

Remember these earrings?

You make them by unfolding these:

Swarovski Filigree Beads – 13mm Round – Topaz and Indian Pink / Antique Gold

Swarovski Filigree Beads – 13mm Round – Purple Velvet / Topaz – Antiqued Gold

s49063 Swarovski Filigree Beads - 13mm Round - Purple Velvet / Topaz - Antiqued Gold
s30070 Swarovski Filigree Beads - 13mm Round - Topaz and Indian Pink / Antique Gold

These hollow filigree beads can be gently unfolded to create lovely crystal-set snowflakes.

Kelly Garland wrote these instructions for them:

“I happened upon this holiday idea by accident and couldn’t help but take advantage of it!! It just so happens the stunning Swarovski Filigree Beads are hollow in construction and when you open the bead, it transforms into a stunning Swarovski snowflake earring. This does take a gentle hand but the results are fantastic.”


Gently open the bead and use your fingers to straighten out the snowflake arms. Use your flat nose pliers to gently straighten the tips. One has a hole that will be used for attaching the findings.

Some of those wee little stones may have fallen out by now as a result of moving the metal frame of bead. No worries!! Line up any gems that have fallen out and count them, making sure you have all the missing gems.

For the missing stones you’ll need to add a small drop of glue to the inside of each empty cup. The G-S Hypo-tube Cement is excellent for this – the needle-like tube gives you great control in application, and the refractive index is the same as glass.

Then drop your stone in using a Crystal Katana or some bees wax on a toothpick. For stones that are still in place, but might be less firmly connected than you like, make a small pool of glue on a plastic bag (cuz you have hundreds of them from the beads you have bought! 😉 ) or foil. Using a needle or head pin or your Glue Looper!, pick up a small droplet of glue and run it along the side of the bezel cup. It will run around the entire cup and stone on it’s own, securing it. Let sit until the glue is cured.

Attach directly to some earwires, or use a few jumprings or some short chain to make them swing-ier, and you have some lovely snowflake earrings that will wow anyone when you say, “Yes, I made them.”

Speaking of Glue Loopers, these precision glue applicators make a fabulous stocking stuffer for the folks in your life that are into making stuff, but not necessarily beady stuff. Model trains, dioramas, model cars, miniatures – anyone who needs to place adhesives or resin with precision and without mess!

Other Festive seasonal earring ideas? Check out our Holiday Earring Kits.

s26985 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Fern Pine
s26986 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Emerald Fir
s26988 Holiday Earring Kits -  Angel - Pure as Crystal
s26990 Holiday Earring Kits -  Mr Frosty - Powder White

Special Requests

Jelly Band – silicone 10mm flat strips – now in easy to manage 8inch lengths – perfect for bracelets. Uses all the same findings as the 10mm leather.

s55544 Flat Non-Leather - 10mm Jelly Band - Purple (8 inch strip)
s56186 Flat Non-Leather - 10mm Jelly Band - Cranberry (8 inch strip)
s56187 Flat Non-Leather - 10mm Jelly Band - Forest Green (8 inch strip)
s56189 Flat Non-Leather - 10mm Jelly Band - Black (8 inch strip)

Don’t forget to check out all the new stuff here!!!

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