Our Findings say … Save 20%

Our Findings have a voice

“Buy me!” they like to say

Our Findings are the choice,

Of Beaders every day

It’s hard to do the things we do

Without some crimps and a clasp or two

So get some now and save some too!

20% off is fun for you!

Findings are those little bits and pieces that we use to put our creations together. You might like them plain and simple and to take a backstage approach, or you might like them flashy and bold and a dominant part of the design. You might want heirloom quality, or good enough. Anyway you like it, we have ’em. And this week, 20% off.

Christmas is coming.

Hey – it is snowflake ornament season! These are one of our most popular seasonal items!

26003001 Wire Armature Form - 3.75in Snowflake Ornament (Pack of 8)
26003002 Wire Armature Form - 6in Snowflake Ornament (Pack of 5)
26003003 Wire Armature Form - 9in Snowflake Ornament (Pack of 5)

These six-spoked wire armatures for making snowflake ornaments are fun and easy to use. The finished ornaments make great hostess gifts, a fun activity with the kids, and you can make beautiful ornaments that last for years and have personal meaning. Also good to use up leftover beads from other projects! Will take some seedbeads, including some size 10/0s and 11/0s. (Czech 10/0s and 11/0s might not fit, but Delica 10/0s and 11/0s seem to), most glass beads, and even Swarovskis fit too. Glue the last bead on each spoke to secure, or bend the wire into a loop. Wire is approx 21 gauge.

By the way, if you are still in Halloween mode, these also make great spider web ornaments. 😉

Other Festive seasonal earring ideas? Check out our Holiday Earring Kits.

s26985 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Fern Pine
s26986 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Emerald Fir
s26988 Holiday Earring Kits -  Angel - Pure as Crystal
s26990 Holiday Earring Kits -  Mr Frosty - Powder White

Special Requests

Tilas, Half Tilas, Quarter Tilas, all on one page now! Easier to compare colours!

Don’t forget to check out all the new stuff here!!!

Oh, and don’t forget the Manager’s Specials – over 500 specially selected items on sale – with savings 50-80% off! !!!!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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