Ack – We’ve gone Moldy …

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Is there anything scarier than opening a container of something that you just found in the back of the fridge that you completely forgot about. Should you just toss it without opening it? No, you pluck up your courage, peel back the lid and yes, just as you thought – a Van Gack! landscape of multi-hued molds greets you, along with a aroma reminiscent of London circa 1858. All the ghouls and zombies at your door for Halloween have nothing on that kind of fear.

However, that ain’t the kind of molds we be talking ’bout here.

We are, in fact, talking about the kind you pour resin into. 😉

We have some fun new molds for resin, for making cool shapes and adding inclusions and colour and stuff. And we have some stuff too.

First up: A selection of crystal, beam, cylinder and bar shapes.

s63450 Mold -  Tapered Hex Profile Crystal
s63481 Mold -  Collect the Set Crystal Tube Shapes (Pack)

To make things like this:

These were just a few test pieces that I did, with dripping alcohol inks into the resin and letting it sink without mixing. Well, the occasional poke with a toothpick, maybe.

I’m fascinated by the shapes and the possibilities. Before the resin is completely hard, you can do things like bend it, so this shape, curved? What do you think?

We have some other shapes too for pendants that are more of a blank canvas for whatever you want to add, from dandelion fluff to ephemera.

s63454 Mold - 60mm Pendant Round with Hole
s63453 Mold - 60mm Pendant Donut with Hole
s63452 Mold - 31x70mm Pendant Rectangle with Hole

And this, for making a series of graduated round cabochons. Like … eyes? Don’t ask Anne Marie about making eyes though. She thinks they are icky. But you can tap her for help on all things resin by signing up for one of her classes!

s63451 Mold - 10-16mm Round Cabochons

Check all the molds out on our Resin page.

As for stuff to add into the Resin – we have the new Preciosa MicroBeads.

62827010-05 Resin Inclusions -  Microbeads - Purple
62827010-05 Resin Inclusions -  Microbeads - Purple
62827010-05 Resin Inclusions -  Microbeads - Purple

When I say “micro” – I really mean it. These make sand look large. They are a variety of sizes, and not beads in the sense of having holes, but tiny droplets of glass. You can put them in resin, or adhere to surfaces (think those crystalized/icy fruit decorations?)

And, they are very reasonably priced! (Compared with those tiny crystals sold by another company that are for decorating your nails … )

And to complement this, we have some lovely glass cabochons! 30x40mm and 18x25mm, and also some with the matching bezel tray – no need to hunt for the right fit! How cool is that?

s63440 Glass Cabochon - 30x40mm Oval - Clear (2)
s63455 Glass Cabochon with Base - 21x29mm Oval - Clear - Silver (2 sets)
s63456 Glass Cabochon with Base - 21x29mm Oval - Clear - Antique Bronze (2 sets)

This is a biggish update, because we wanted you to have as much time as possible to work with these before Christmas, because you can make some pretty excellent personalized gifts with these!

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Christmas is coming.

Hey – it is snowflake ornament season! These are one of our most popular seasonal items!

26003003 Wire Armature Form - 9in Snowflake Ornament (Pack of 5)

Festive Earring Ideas?

How about the jolly old elf himself, or a reindeer.

s60743 Kit -  Mascot Fan Miyuki Beading Kit - Santa
s31311 Kit -  Mascot Fan Miyuki Beading Kit - Xmas Reindeer

Or maybe a kit as a gift?

Special Requests

More colours of C-Lon. More colors of C-Lon in MicroCord, Tex 400, and Bead Cord

s63397 Micro Cord -  C-Lon Bead Cord - Rose (Spool)
s63406 Tex 400 Bead Cord -  C-Lon Bead Cord - Grape (Spool)
s63415 Thread -  C-Lon Bead Cord - Copper Rose (Spool)

Also, new colours in Ginkos,

s63061 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginko - Aqua Celsian
s63062 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Ginko - Backlit Aquasol

and Miyuki Cube mixes.

sb4-s63388 Miyuki - 4mm Japanese Cubes - Mm-Mm-Honey
sb4-s63394 Miyuki - 4mm Japanese Cubes - Poseidon
sb4-s63389 Miyuki - 4mm Japanese Cubes - Bee Reasonable

Check out all the new stuff here!!!

Oh, and don’t forget the Manager’s Specials – over 500 specially selected items on sale – with savings 50-80% off! !!!!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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