when you come to the end of your rope …

When you come to the end of your rope, well, you can tie a knot and hang on, ooooor, you can finish it with one of these slick Glue-in Beaded Rope Caps and attach your clasp easily and with a finished look!

TierraCast’s new Glue-in Beaded Rope Caps give you new dimensions in finishing your beading projects. This glue-in cap was inspired by the original line of lampwork bead findings from Tierracast, but is specifically designed with a peg suitable for the inside of the beaded rope.

s63604 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Antique Gold
s63602 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Antiqued Silver
s63603 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Antiqued Copper
s63605 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Brass Oxide

Full instructions for this project – Danielle’s Netted Rope Earrings, are here, on the Tierracast site. Also, tips on how to use the end cap at the start and the end of the project.

Full instructions for this project – Danielle’s Herringbone Bracelet is here on the Tierracast site.

Speaking of which, did you also know, Bead Aligners are a great caps for Peyote Stitch Tubes. They make it super easy to make them into a drop, or a link, and the shape of the aligner keeps them, well, aligned!


Purple, purple, purple. My first thought when I saw these was, ohmygawd-so-purple. This is a colored Crazy Lace Agate, (dyed – more on that in a minute), but after the initial shock – I decided I loved it. Mostly the beads are a super rich squashed berry purple, but some are more of a reddish tone, just to mix it up and add variety. The color really is delish.

s63621 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Purple Crazy Lace (strand)
s63620 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Purple Crazy Lace (strand)

So, about dyed and otherwise colored stone beads. In the early 20th century, stone was dyed primarily to imitate other stones, most notably turquoise. Coloring techniques were crude and imprecise, and less than durable, and dyed stones got the reputation for being cheap and deceitful. Dyed stones were fairly easy to spot.

As a response to this, in the US, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) created an “Enhancement Code” for reference with regards to colour, dyeing, and in fact, any adjustment to the stone to improve it’s quality.

Since then, techniques have been improved, refined and new ones invented that give dyed stones a new respectability. Colours range from vibrant to subdued, can be as obvious as the purple Crazy Lace above (because, if it came out of the ground looking like that, you would be paying $60 – $160/ strand and up) to simply making colors more uniform. The price benefits are obvious, and it can be a source of comfort to a beginner beader that they are not risking a valuable strand of beads as they learn a new technique.

The best candidates for dyeing are stones with some transparency, like Quartz Crystal and Agates, with the bands of color in agate creating interesting variations in the colour. Jasper and Howlite are also good candidates, being readily available, the jasper also having interesting variations in the base colors, and the howlite functioning more as a tabula rasa.

Other improvements in the dyeing process are that the techniques have improved so that colors are no longer subject to fading or rubbing off or reacting with skin oils on contact if done by reputable manufacturers. (Which are the ones we try to support.) Truly, stone dyeing has come a long way, and you can enjoy the vibrant colors, the design opportunities, and the budget-friendly pricing.

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Super Gift Idea – the Mini Travel Tool kit

s63523 Tools -  Beaders Mini Travel Kit

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