grumble mutter 20% everything – Happy New Year

Well – I was in the cozy afterglow of lovely Christmas dinner, grumble mutter millennium hand and shrimp … and Somebody Who Shall Remain Nameless says – “Let’s have a sale.” O_o


So all-righty then – 20% off everything. For the next week. Starting now. Go.

Fine print here.

Happy Boxing week! 😉

Also – If you are maybe thinking about your plans for next year; things you are planning to make, or learn, in the new year, here is an idea:

Confirmed instructors include Pamela Kearns (beadwork), Darija Radic (metalwork); Anne Marie Desaulniers (mixed media); Liz Kennedy (metalwork); Gillian Clarke (chainmaille); Christine Woollacott (enamelling, metal clay, metalwork); Liz Reynolds (metal clay); Catherine Sequalino Poitier (tambour embroidery); Marilyn Gardiner (chainmaille), Ann Shewan (pebble drilling, cement work), and Naomi Smith (beadwork).

Knot What I Expected …

I recently dabbled with some pearl knotting for a friend – and discovered I rather enjoyed it. It’s not particularly quick to do, not when I do it, anyway, but all it requires in the way of tools are some pointy tweezers.

Check out the less-than-a-minute video here. (on facebook)

I have to say, that a lot of my focus with projects tends to the quick and by that token, easy – but I might try some slow beading this year. Like slow food, or Anne Marie’s slow stitching, maybe the theme this year will be to slow down and enjoy the journey. If not for the whole year, maybe just for some part of it. After all, rotation of our planet around our star is a fairly arbitrary way to divide time.

So, what are your plans for the new year? New techniques? New Projects? Finishing Old ones? Take this short, 3 question survey and let us know!

BTW – your responses on our re-organizing survey were awesome – thank you so much! It really helps!

Wishing you and yours the best of the holiday season, from all of us here at BeadFX.

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