Let’s Talk Sparkle: and a few other things!

Let’s talk sparkle, seems to be a funny phrase for me to use! I’ve never been a girly girl, so have always shied away from an overload of sparkle. Is that something that I need to overcome?

But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it! Because I do!! Just yesterday, I was re-stocking some of the Swarovski Rivolis, and Fancy Stones, but took extra time, because I had to fondle, and admire the lusciousness of them all!! There are obvious benefits to working in a bead store, because staff are encouraged to fondle the merchandise, and we let customers do so, as well (but not those children, with grubby, sticky, fingers! LOL!). No, we don’t want you dumping everything out of sealed packages, but if you ask us, there are always ways to get around that. Bwaa, haa, haa!

Let’s talk sparkle again, while I ponder why I rarely include it in my work. Is a little introspection in order? Does it intimidate me, or do I think that it’s a little too fancy, for my down-to-earth personality? I am not sure!

Whatever the problem is, there are certainly a lot of sparkle girls out there, so I refuse to feel any shame!

BeadFX has been doing a fabulous job, importing sparkle masters, but that’s not all! We actually have not one, but two on the schedule for this spring. Nancy Cain is making a return engagement, with three classes on March 20th to 22nd.

let's talk sparkle
let's talk sparkle
St. Lucia

By the way, if I was going to take one of Nancy’s classes, it would be “Feathers”!! I do lust after it, but I can’t take it, because I’m working on that day. Good thing, because knowing me, it would end up as another U.F.O., and that beautiful necklace, just doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment!

Then, Diane Whiting, is teaching five classes, from April 24th, through 26th. Wow! That’s a whole lot of sparkle!!!

Rue Magique
let's talk sparkle
Plaza Suite Bracelet
Let's talk sparkle
Double Diamond Deluxe
Rue des Doubles Reves
Total Eclipse of the Heart

Let me finish my “Let’s Talk Sparkle” sparkle post, by saying that I have purchased, many Swarovski Rivolis in the past, yet still hope to actually do something with them in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll just continue to drool over the pretties, then live vicariously through those fortunate enough to take one (or even more) of the above classes. Who cares if you have nowhere to wear the sparkle? Heck, wear them proudly with your jeans, and t-shirts, or even your p.j.’s!!

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