Chroma Pliers, Fan-Tassels, Eastery Pearls, Still 15%, Still Shipping


Rainbow colored pliers.

s64185 Tools -  Chroma - Flush Cutterss64184 Tools -  Chroma Pliers - Bent Chainnose

Oh my!

OK, I know what you are thinking, well, if you are thinking the same thing that I thought. That assumes you are as much of a tool junkie + cynic as I am. 😉

“OMG – I want. Gawd, it’s probably a gimmick and they are awful.”

That said, I gave the go-ahead to order some of these anyway. And, much to my surprise – they are actually quite nice tools!

The handles are sleek and smooth to the touch. The action is nice, they are nicely balanced, they close at the tip! The colour is from anodizing the titanium coating, so it’s actually quite durable. The spring is not so strong you have to fight to close them. You know, even your signficant other will probably like them. (I’m keeping an eye on mine, in case they go missing.)

So, if you want to go with “OMG – I want” – you can rest assured that they are not cheap and nasty.

Get yourself a pair, or get the whole set. (We will order more if you don’t get to them in time!)

It’s FAAAAAN-Tassel-ic

Tassels, Tassels everywhere. These lovely fan-shaped tassels are made of a row of tiny, tiny tassels. They would make fun earrings, or … what else can you think of?

s64113 Components -  Fan Tassels - Lapis Blue (2)s64116 Components -  Fan Tassels - Light Turquoise (2)

s64119 Components -  Fan Tassels - Raven Black (2)s64120 Components -  Fan Tassels - Angel White (2)

I thought that they would make cool plumage for my little wire birdie.

We have that chain tassel too.

s64114 Components - 40mm Bell Cup Chain Tassel - Gold Plated (Pair)

Dreamy Swarovski Pearls

Pretty as a pearl, and these pearls are pretty! Amanda wanted me to hustle these pearls into this week’s update because she thought that you might want them for Easter. These are the new Swarovski pearl-colors for spring 2020, called Iridescent Dreamy Rose, and Iridescent Dreamy Blue. They are soft, lovely colors, and very, very pretty.

s64195 Swarovski Pearl - 6mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Dreamy Rose (strand 25)s64194 Swarovski Pearl - 6mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Dreamy Blue (strand 25)

Travelin’ Bead Boards

Well – here’s a timely product. Not.

Traveling Bead Boards. For the beader on the go, a nice lo-tech way to transport your beads and keep them all tidy, even if your trip is only from Las Kitchenades Tables to St. Couch by the TV. And yes, they are good for just cleaning up so that you can serve dinner on the dining room table, should you want to.

And, one supposes that we will not all be confined to our homes indefinitely. I will say, those of us with hobbies that focus on crafts and hand-making things seem to be coping a lot better than others.

The wood base is very sturdy, no warping and twisting here. The curved bead holes will give you lots of room for your beads for your work in progress, and you can scoop out of the holes. Slide your needle in at an angle to pick up your beads.

And the top fits over it and clamps in place with big binder clips, included. Use the binder clips to hold on the lid, for transport and also to give a slight slope to the base when using it. Curve up a bit of paper to scoop empty a slot if you need to.

s64174 Traveling Bead Boards -  TBB3 The Mini - Bamboo/Ebonys64173 Traveling Bead Boards -  TBB2 The Designer - White Oak/Ebony


Deep, dark garnet, with it’s distinctive lustre. Garnet is the January birthstone, but it is also one of the oldest known gemstones. As such, it has a rich history, having been worn by Egyptian kings and queens, Saxon and Celtic leaders, Native American healers, King Solomon, Christian and Muslim warriors, Russian royalty, Mary Queen of Scots, and Queen Victoria. Garnet is rich in symbolism.

s64177 Stone Beads - 5x8mm Rice - Garnet (strand)s64180 Stone Beads -  Carved Rectangles - Garnet (strand)

Something Missing from your Stash?

15% off – everything*. You need a little pick-me-up these days, and if your stash doesn’t have everything you need – we’ve got everything still on sale – 15% – so you can get that critical item.

(*Almost everything. You can see in the shopping cart if it is on sale or not. Some of the manager’s specials are more than 15% off)

Your beads bring you peace and solace, and make life more joyful. Stay home and Bead!

Remember, 15% off, so you might want to see what you need! As always – the new stuff is all here!

COVID-19 – This Week

We are still shipping. Who the heck figured for a world-wide pandemic in their business plans? Congratulations to those of you who did, but for the rest of us, we are figuring it out one day at a time.

Many of our suppliers and our warehouse have preventatively shut down due to “the rona” or are located somewhere that mandates that they shelter in place.  Some are operating on skeleton staff (i.e. 3 people doing the work of 20.) Normal service standards in this situation? Uh-uh. Orders are being processed as fast as we can – while staying safe.

We are on reduced hours: picking, packing and shipping Monday through Thursday. Our back office staff are social distancing, hand-washing, and sanitizing like champions.

Phones will be answered Monday through Thursday. Emails are still being answered 7 days a week. If you need answers about does “this” go with “that,” just ask and we will try to help.

We are still shipping, but for some items we are waiting for our stock to arrive, and may be delayed.

And thank you for all your good wishes. A huge number of you put lovely little notes of support in the “addition info” box when placing an order. Truly – we appreciate every one of them!

Don’t forget to browse through the Manager Specials – some pretty good deals there!


Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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