What is your point? / Still 10% off, (Swa Pend 25%)

You don’t have to have a point, to have a point. But the point is, you can have a point, and be pointedly fabulous. In fact, let me get right to the point, the whole point of this message is, we have points.

s34724 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Point Drop with Cap - Turquoise - Gold Plated (pair)s34725 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Point Drop with Cap - Short - Turquoise - Gold Plated (pair)

And if you think the point of these lovely pairs of pointy stones with caps is to make earrings – I think that you have a point. Pointedly, we are offering them in pairs.

s64734 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Point Drop with Cap - Short - Green Onyx - Gold Plated (pair)s64736 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Point Drop with Cap - Green Onyx - Gold Plated (pair)s64735 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Point Drop with Cap - Chalcedony - Silver Plated (pair)

s64737 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Point Drop with Cap - Crystal Quartz - Gold Plated (pair)s64739 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Shield Drop with Cap - Carnelian - Goldplated (pair)s64740 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Shield Drop with Cap - Black Agate - Goldplated (pair)

Although matching pairs of small pendant necklaces are a good idea too. You know, one for me, one for you, or one for each sister, etc. In case you need to, you know, score some points.

If you are not a fan of points, you can check out these fan-tastic fans These are little heavier, and so they are probably better for pendants.

s64742 Stone Pendant -  Faceted Fan-shape with Cap - Labradorite - Goldplateds64744 Stone Pendant -  Carved Fan-shape with Cap - Turquoise (Treated) - Goldplated

s64743 Stone Pendant -  Carved Fan-shape with Cap - Chalcedony - Goldplateds64745 Stone Pendant -  Carved Fan-shape with Cap - Rutile Quartz - Goldplated

They are about 3 grams each, so while they would make handsome earrings, I know my ears would be killing me in 30 mins. But there was a time when it wouldn’t have bothered me at all. We seem to develop a tolerance.

I wonder how many people will head back to work after they get the all clear and discover that they have lost the ability to tolerate walking in heels all day. Good riddance to heels – horrible for your back. IMHO.

We also have some lovely strands of beads with metal accent edges. These pretty much speak for themselves. All you need to do with restring with some nice spacers. Or you might have something more elaborate in mind. BTW – that Rose Quartz is druzy on one side and polished on the other. How about that?

s64747 Stone - Limited Edition -  Live Edge Slabs - Labradorite - Goldplated (strand)s64748 Stone - Limited Edition -  Polished & Druzy Freeform Petal Drops - Rose Quartz - Goldplated (strand)

s64749 Stone - Limited Edition -  Live Edge Slabs - Turquoise - Goldplated (strand)s64750 Stone - Limited Edition -  Live Edge Slabs - Amethyst - Goldplated (strand)

Is Something Missing from your Stash? 10% to help you fill in the gap!

10% off – everything*. We want to do our part to help you stay sane and creating. Beads and crafting and creativity are helping us all cope, and if your stash doesn’t have everything you need – we’ve got incentive and justification – 10% – so you can get that critical item. Or not so critical. We don’t judge. 😉

(*Almost everything. You can see in the shopping cart if it is on sale or not. Some of the manager’s specials are more than 10% off. Way more!)


Except – some which are on special for even more off – like 50%! Ye gawds!

So, 10% off – what have you run out of, or want to try?

As always – the new stuff is all here!

Gift Certificates – a great gift for the crafty person in your life, or just as a way to say – “You really need a hobby. “

COVID-19 – This Week – May 21

Some places are opening back up. We have discussed this at length, and we all feel that we are going to wait and see. We will remain online only for now. We will re-evaluate at the end of the month.

We are continuing to pick and ship, Monday – Thursday. Online orders can be picked up curbside.

Picking orders is taking a little longer than it used to because there are less of us, we have less days open (so we can all stay rested and keep our immune systems in tip-top shape). All our sources are in the same boat, so re-stocking takes longer, and it takes longer for packages to get from A to B as well.

However, we are all safe and well, and that’s what counts right now.

Phones are being answered Monday through Thursday (11 am – 6 pm). Emails are being answered 7 days a week (Fri/Sat/Sun from offsite, with the caveat that some info can only be gotten on-site.) If you need answers about does “this” go with “that,” just ask and we will try to help.

We are doing curbside pickups, pre-paid only.

  • If you are local – you should see an option to select “pick-up” in the shopping cart – which means that you will not be charged for shipping, even if you are under the free shipping limit.
  • If, for some reason, you do not see the option for “pick-up” – say, your address on file falls outside the computer’s definition of “local,” but you still want to come and get it, then you can choose “call-back” as an option, and tell us you want to pick it up in the comment box, and we will adjust the total, and call you for payment info.
  • We will call when it is ready and arrange a pick-up window of time. Pick-ups will be on Mondays to Thursdays, 11-6 pm.

We are so grateful for your support and patience in these challenging times. We are cheered and warmed by your little notes of good will and good wishes. We appreciate every one of them.

Stay Safe!

Don’t forget to browse through the Manager Specials – some pretty good deals there!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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