Happy Canada Day 2020!

Happy Canada Day 2020 to all of you! It doesn’t matter if you live in Canada or not, because if you’re reading this blog post, you’re an honorary Canadian!!

happy canada day 2020

2020 is a year that most of us would like to forget, but that won’t happen, so we need to make the best of it. Instead, let’s focus on what’s good in our world!

I won’t get into the political end of things, but we have family, friends, a fabulous health care system, and a government (both Federal, and Provincial), that is supporting us through these difficult times. We can get through this! Yes, there are stupid people out there, but the majority are being safe, and smart! We just need to wait it out!!

Now on to the fun things! What are you doing for your Canada Day? I’m betting that it’s going to be a unique, and virtual experience…so let’s get creative!!! BeadFX is closed, for the day, but I’m sure you still have some beads to play with! If not, hop on the website, and order a few more. We’ll ship as soon as possible.

I have no big plans, but then again, I rarely do. First, I will sleep in, then enjoy the day off, spend some time outdoors (camera in hand), then troll the festivities on the TV. I will bead, I will stitch, I will snack, and I might even nap.  Life is good! Even better, my air conditioning parts arrived, so I will also be cool.

On the beading front, I’m still working on my Freeform Peyote, “Dancing” piece. It’s quite addicting, yet has taken on a life of its own. I still have not idea what it will be, when it grows up, but I am enjoying the journey. There is no end in sight, but it might be morphing into a sculptural piece. Perhaps to be supported by driftwood, or glass, or stone, or metal, or nothing at all! I could manipulate it entirely, by adding more beads, and thread. Where is the beginning, but then again, where is the end? I may have lost the thread!

happy canada day 2020

My 2020 Scroll is moving right along, and will certainly be part of my Happy Canada Day 2020 plan! I will finish the initial stitching on side one soon, but then I need to stitch the back side of the piece. It will be a very long, yet rewarding process. I’m actually itching to get my paints out, but haven’t decided how much, or how little I will use, and what form it will take. Also, do I embroider first, or after I paint, or a combination of both? It will be an exciting exploration of both my techniques, limits, and problem-solving skills. But one thing I do know is, that any beading will be done after I paint! Who would dare cover up sparkle, with a layer of paint?

happy canada day 2020

My Doodle Bits are coming along nicely! It’s an exercise in recycling, but also one of my 2020 Stitch Meditation series. I don’t work on them daily, but they are also addicting! When I start, I find it hard to stop.

Don’t you think that this fudge tin, is perfect for my growing series? I know that they will eventually outgrow this box, but I do like the thought of my fibre sweet treats, living in a candy tin.

I bought the fudge, for the tin!
happy canada day 2020

While turfing out the studio/sewing room, I came across these sun-printed pieces from years ago (Setacolour Transparent paints, water, and plant material). They’re just calling out for stitch, but who has the time? Back into the archives (wrapped around a piece of a pool noodle) they go for now!

The paints seem to be harder to find now, so I will need to do more research.

Then, if that is not enough, while working on a BeadFX “Inspiration”, I thought up another series that I could start. Also, I’m currently obsessing on learning the Cyanotype process, which I plan to try out sometime this summer.

But what about my Happy Canada Day 2020 beading? I will start my day with a cup of tea, then dig out my freeform peyote piece, and stitch with red, and white beads (probably other colours too)! What better way to honour Canadian tradition, than by playing with beads? How will you be celebrating?

Keep calm, play smart, social distance, and wash your hands!

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