Hot Jewelry Trends: Spring/Summer 2020!

Hot jewelry trends, for summer 2020 (spring is already a done deal)! It’s just too darned hot to think, but that doesn’t mean that I can slack off!

Toronto is melting right now, but at least I have air conditioning. I’m better off than many! There’s no sign of it stopping either! Rain/storms by the weekend, but it warms up again next week. Yes, a few degrees cooler, but still!


I don’t normally complain about sunny weather, but it’s not quite the middle of July, and the grass is already getting fried! What will August bring?

Now about the hot jewelry trends! I haven’t done all that much research on this, except for watching the type of items that I saw flying out of our doors, during our retail shutdown. But would it surprise you to know that seed beads (including Delicas) were the big winners? Beaders were taking full advantage of the slowdown, by dusting off some of their earlier skills, patterns, and projects. Slow, methodical, seed beading was obviously the way to go!! Fireline, needles, and threads, were also in high demand!

We had some issues re-stocking, but I’m happy to say that the walls are looking good again. It was sad, because I’d never seen the cupboards so bare! It was uplifting as well, to see everyone hunkering down, and getting back to basics!

Semi-precious stones took a bit of a breather, but I notice that sales are ramping up. So, I guess that means that stringing, and even stretchy bracelets are being worked on again. As if that wouldn’t happen? BeadFX has some pretty nice temptations, for those of you so inclined.

Mixed media is still a growing trend, along with natural elements, fibre, and paper jewelry! But that’s just what I have to say! Here’s what the is saying about the runway trends for spring/summer 2020.  Some of the options are quite exaggerated (even frightening, eek!), but remember, we are talking runway here. Real life is quite a bit different, and a whole lot more practical!

hot jewelry trends
The Saint Laurent necklace is very interesting, and definitely wearable!
hot jewelry trends
I love the layering, and longer lengths!
hot jewelry trends
The first one is just scary, but I do like the middle necklace!

Are masks jewelry? There are some beautiful ones out there (because, beaders gotta bead, and stitchers gotta stitch), but I’m personally, not likely to stitch any fancy ones (famous last words).

I’ve never really been a trend follower, but I would certainly suggest that you take a couple of elements, then adapt it to your own style. Copying is boring!

So, if you ask me about the hot, jewelry trends for summer 2020, I’d say go with what looks best with your casual clothes. We’re light years away from getting back to normal, and who knows what normal will look like, when it returns? So, go with the flow, then bead what you want! That’s certainly what I’m planning to do,

Keep safe, social distance, wear your mask, and wash your hands!

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