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  • Czmate Diamonds, GemDuos & Beetle Wings April 19, 2018

    This week – we’re adding the Czechmate Diamonds to the shaped bead buffet. Unlike the GemDuos (and we have more of those too!) – these are a diamond shape with the hole running through the short axis – top to bottom if you like, although, once you turn them on their side to use them, it’s isn’t top to bottom any more. These have the same hole spacing as the other Czechmate 2 hole beads, although the hole (!) fun of these is seeing how you can make them fit together and create interesting patterns and textures.

    s58289 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 2 Hole Diamonds - Metallic Suede Blues58291 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 2 Hole Diamonds - Metallic Suede Light Greens58288 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 2 Hole Diamonds - Turquoises58295 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 2 Hole Diamonds - Matte Metallic Silver

    As I mentioned – we have more colours of the GemDuos too, these are also a diamond-shape, but with a raised top, and the hole running from side to side.

    s58284 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Polychrome Black Raspberrys58285 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Crystal ABs58280 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Apollo Golds58281 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Matubo GemDuo - Blue Turquoise

    If you’ve been waiting for the Permanent Finish Galvanized Toho’s – then today is your lucky day! Both size 11/0s and 8/0s – these are the shiny metallic look that you love in the galvanized finish, but in a more permanent and durable version. They come in a rainbow of glorious colours, in both sizes.

    tb8rpf587 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Spring Green [Permanent Finish]tb8rpf588 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Spearmint [Permanent Finish]tb8rpf590 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Lemon Gold [Permanent Finish]tb8rpf579 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Lilac [Permanent Finish]

    tb8rpf580 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Magenta [Permanent Finish]tb8rpf581 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Eggplant [Permanent Finish]tb8rpf582 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Aqua Sea [Permanent Finish]tb8rpf583 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Electric Blue [Permanent Finish]

    However, when it comes to a rainbow of glorious colours, it’s hard to beat these iridescent Beetle Wings! Actually not wings, but the “elytra” – the forewing that is the covering for the actual wing. These wing cases are part of tradition Asian hand crafts – used in embroidery and embellishment. The art was on the decline, but is enjoying a revival, thanks to the support of some prominent members of the royal family in Thailand. The beetles have a short life-span, and the wing cases are collected after the beetle has lived out it’s natural 4-week life span, making these a sustainable resource. They are surprisingly durable, and have been known to retain their colour and shine even after 100 years!

    s58734 Natural - Beetle Wings for Jewelry - Iridescent (10)


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    Treat yourself to a weekend of classes and camaraderie in May.

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Our Class News

  • Refresh your Creativity

    It’s Spring! The weather is finally catching up to the calendar. Plants are poking through the dirt. You’re itching to start something new.

    Spring is an ideal time to start something new or to breathe new life into a favourite activity. Classes are a great way to add to your knowledge base or to test your desire of trying a new technique. Our late-April classes have lots of options for you: Cindy Goldrick with Sue Henry will help you explore design possibilities with both wet and dry felting. If you’ve been wondering about the craze of ‘peyote with a twist, not crochet’, then you’ll want to check out a new class with Pamela Kearns. Gillian Clarke is here with an absolutely delightful – and easy – chainmaille pendant! Deborah Beesley has a two-part wire work class that will twig your creative genius! Marilyn Gardiner has a new full-day class featuring spiral chainmaille and Liz Reynolds will teach you how to use metal clay to fashion your own sterling rings. Lucie Lee has a new wirework earring design that will keep you on trend.

    We also welcome Kim Fields back to BeadFX for a fun three-day lampwork class focusing on creating floral murrini!

    Here are the classes and sessions scheduled April 21 – 30:

    Saturday, April 21
    NEW Felting Two Ways: Nuno Felting and Needle Felting
    Instructor: Cindy Goldrick and Sue Henry
    10:00am – 5:00pm
    Discover what you can do with wool roving!

    Sunday, April 22
    NEW The Basics of ‘Peyote with a Twist, Not Crochet’
    Instructor: Pamela Kearns
    11:30am – 4:30pm
    This technique gives you the look of single-stitch crochet without pre-stringing the beads!

    Happy Hour Torching
    Facilitator: Carol Cooper
    5:00 – 8:00pm
    Join your lampworking friends for a cheerful evening of conversation!

    Planet BeadFXWednesday, April 25
    FREE Open Bead Night
    Facilitator: Pamela Kearns
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Give yourself dedicated beading time over coffee and refreshments!

    Thursday, April 26
    FREE Afternoon Bead Tea
    Facilitator: Pamela Kearns
    1:00 – 3:00pm
    Be among the first to see the new weekly products!

    NEW Easy Slider Chainmaille Pendant
    Instructor: Gillian Clarke
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Try a new technique in a short 2-hour class!

    Friday, April 27
    NEW Floral Murrini Cane Workshop (3 days)
    Instructor: Kim Fields
    10:00am – 5:00pm
    Take your lampworking skills to the next step by creating and using canes!

    FREE Meet and Greet with Kim Fields
    6:00 – 7:30pm
    Drop by and say ‘Hi’ and peruse her beautiful beads!

    From Here to Infinity Collar (2 days)
    Instructor: Deborah Beesley
    6:00 – 9:00pm
    Discover how to create consistency in your wirework! Class continues Saturday, April 28, 10:30am – 2:30pm.

    Saturday, April 28
    Knitter’s Frolic
    Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto
    9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    $8 Cash only
    BeadFX will have lots of seedbeads and other necessities for knitters and fibre enthusiasts!

    NEW Hypnotic Spirals
    Instructor: Marilyn Gardiner
    10:00am – 5:00pm
    Explore how to create spirals in chainmaille!

    Sunday, April 29
    NEW Sterling Silver Adjustable Rings
    Instructor: Liz Reynolds
    11:0am – 5:00pm
    Learn how to create one-of-a-kind rings using sterling silver metal clay!

    NEW Wire Wrapped Boho Earrings
    Instructor: Lucie Lee
    12:00 – 3:00pm
    Create lightweight and fun earrings using wire and a few crystals!

    Monday, April 30
    Happy Hour Torching
    Facilitator: Carol Cooper
    5:00 – 8:00pm
    Work on your lampwork designs with dedicated time!

    Click on the class title to see all of the details, including applicable fees. You can also go to April class calendar to see all of the month’s activities.

Our Latest Inspiration

  • Floating Rocks

    InspirationFX – Get your creative juices flowing


    by: Dwyn Tomlinson

    Rock it out with this floating rock creation! This project came together as an act of serendipity – happy coincidence. I had the sterling rocks on my table, thinking about a bracelet (which I also made, actually – sterling rocks with one lampwork bead, on stretchy elastic) and the Kaputt Pendant, with the bail, from the photo that I took for the website.

    And I thought that they looked really good together – and hey presto – next thing you know – I have this!You could make this without the curved tube too – the beads will stay on either side of the bail, so that’s alright. And you could, if you don’t like the floating look, fill in the space from the last rock bead to the clasp with small metal round beads or seedbeads.

    Or, you could try for black beading wire, and use crimps to hold the rock beads to the side and omit the tube bead, and wear it on a black cashmere sweater, and really go for the floating look! The contrast of floating and rock is fun!

    The pinch bail attaches to the Swarovski Kaputt pendant with a gentle squeeze to keep it in place.The bail fits easily over the gold curved tube – yes – I expect it will scratch a little with time. C’est la vie.

    String to the middle of your beading wire, add the sterling rocks on each end, and then leave a length of wire (this is why you are using the good, Extreme Gold Wire), and then crimp the ends, use a wire guardian if you like, and add a jumpring and a chain extender on one side for flexibility and a lobster clasp on the other.

    The rocks, being hollow, are a bit of a b—- to string. I suggest holding them up to a light so you can see right through the hole, and then poking the softflex through, seeing if you are lined up with the hole on the other side. Fortunately, with only 10 of them, it’s not too bad. ;-)You can use gold plated instead of gold filled just as easily if you have the components in your stash already.



    Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

    Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.