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Tools - Adhesive - Glue Looper - V3 (Pack)

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The GLUE LOOPER is a revolutionary new product that makes it easy to precisely and neatly place very small quantities of glue EXACTLY where you want it. No oozing mess, no accidental fingerprints, no gluing yourself to the project! The right amount in the right place, every time.

The "blade" fits any standard craft tool handle. (Not included).

The V3 is for THICK glues - the consistency of honey or chilled maple syrup. Sorry - it does not work with E6000 - which is too thick, but does work with epoxy.

It works like a quill pen - using capillary action - you can draw a line of glue 0.015 of an inch thick! The quantity of glue applied is regulated automatically!

The blade is made from stainless steel - to remove hardened glue, just flame it off with a lighter.

The Glue Looper(r) is a patented self-regulating micro fluid applicator.

YouTube video showing it in action.


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