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Argentium Silver Wire - 18ga Round - Half Hard (1 inch)

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Argentium is a new (relatively) alloy of silver. Sterling silver is silver with copper added, and Argentium Silver has Germanium added. The appealing characteristic of this is that is does not firescale when soldered or heated (copper oxide impregnating and darkening the silver) or worked in a flame. It is also relatively tarnish-free. According to the folks that make it, it can also be made harder than sterling silver with heat treating, and that it can be laser welded - in case that is your burning desire. Less tarnish and firescale alone are both reasons enough to seriously look at this new alloy. More info on Argentium Silver here. Insofar as is humanly possible, we will ship your order as a single piece of wire.

By the Inch. Insofar as is possible and stock permitting, we will ship your order as one entire piece.