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Artistic Wire - 28ga Round Wire - Rose Gold (Spool)

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Artistic Wire

28 ga wire- very fine. Silverplated copper wire with a permanent-colour nylon coating that does not fade or tarnish. 40 yard/36.58 m spool. 0.013 in/ 0.32 mm. Do not use for soldering. Lead and nickel safe.


We emailed the folks at Artistic Wire™ to find out what their wire is made of. Here is their reply:

All of our Artistic wire (except the Non-Tarnish Brass) is copper-based. In the case of the silver colors, the copper is first covered in silver then the polyurethane colored coating is applied over the silver. It is the silver coat that makes the colors so brilliant. In the case of the Non-Tarnish Silver, we put clear polyurethane over the silver-covered copper. The polyurethane protects the silver from oxygen and makes it non-tarnishing. Also, it is because of the silver and the process of plating the copper is the reason why it is more expensive. This actually doubles the cost of the wire.

You can take a flame (match or lighter) to our wire and burn off the polyurethane then wipe clean and see the silver plating. Thank you for taking the time to ask!