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Asfour Crystal

Asfour makes Chandeliers. Beautiful, sparkling chandeliers crafted from faceted crystal. Founded in 1961, based in Egypt, Asfour hand-crafts stunning centerpiece chandeliers fit for royal palaces.

What has that to do with beads? Well, we have acquired some of the crystal components, in some of their smaller sizes that might arguably be used in jewelry, or in sun catchers or home decor products.

We offer you these components to spark flashes of your imagination.

These are, by the way, vintage crystals that are "full lead" - having 30% PbO. Lead generally leaches from crystal under acidic conditions - i.e. lead crystal decanters with wine in them are a bad idea. We recommend you do not put these crystals in your mouth, and given that children put everything in their mouth, we wouldn't give them to children.

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