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Bead Embroidery Kits

Want to try something new? Stick a toe in bead embroidery water? Just need a little nudge? Browse these inspiring inclusive kits for wall art, or jewelry; or perhaps a printed canvas where you have the freedom to use your own beads?

March 14,2022 - 

The situation in Ukraine is beyond frightening. I have no words for it. 

We are donating 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of all our Ukrainian bead embroidery kits and patterns to aid Ukraine. 

 And sadly - we do not know if we will ever be able to restock them. 

The company that we get them from is quite close to the border, and we have not heard from them.

Please support the wonderful creators of these beautiful patterns and kits in Kharkiv, Ukraine!

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About the "Charts" vs "Kits"

If you are  finding the "chart only" printed canvases (that do not include the beads) to be somewhat confusing for you, here is how they work:

  • At the bottom of these charts is a colour key. The color of the individual bead on the chart is not an exact match for the color of the bead, just kind of “in the ball park.”
  • The "Preciosa Number" is Preciosa’s own product number, which we have not been using in the past. The bottom line is the number of grams you will need. For reference, a hank is about 40 grams.

  • Here is a downloadable pdf with the Preciosa numbers, so you can look up the color by doing a search for the Preciosa Product number, and see if you “got it” or “need it.” The charts are for size 10/0s, but I think 11/0s might work too. Or, radical thought, use Japanese seed beads! Why not? Have fun!