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Beading Needles

You need needles! They are not glamorous - but you need them! And not just the needles you have from sewing projects - sorry! The eye needs to be much finer and thinner in order to get through the holes of the beads.

Of course - that means that threading can be a bit tricky. Magnification helps. Wetting the tip, like you do for sewing, doesn't. Use a thread conditioner (or a lip balm), or trim the end carefully to elmination frayed ends. You might need to find a small child with better eyesight and steady hands. Bribe them with cookies, or better yet, beads.

And we do have a variety of large eye needles to also help you out with that. I like the Twisted Wire needles a lot, as they collapse and crush down with the first pass through a bead, which also helps to hang onto the thread so the needle doesn't unthread itself.

We also have needles for the Softflex(tm) and similar beading wire/cable. This is actually a hollow tube that you slide onto the end of the wire. These do work and we like them a lot!

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