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Czech Bow Beads 2-Hole (FP)

These 2-hole bow beads by Preciosa are easy to use and work beautifully with round beads.   You can connect the beads in lots of interesting ways to make shapes like an eye or X shape. Try these 3.5x15.5mm beads with the 12mm 2-hole candy beads for a striking and elegant design.

Check out these inspirational ideas on ways to use the Bow beads from Preciosa.

This bead endeavours to aim for your ideas and gives you to the opportunity to ride on the waves of your imagination. The beads are shaped like an extended rectangle with rounded corners. The holes are placed about a ¼ of the shape's length from the more distant edges. Thanks to its slight curve, it can be ideally combined with smaller beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand, such as PRECIOSA rocailles, fire polished beads and pressed beads. On the other hand, the larger PRECIOSA Candy™ bead also copies the curvature of the bead very well.

You can use the PRECIOSA Bow™ bead to conjure up beautiful textured applications or mosaics. The connection of two beads leads to the creation of a magic eye or the interesting shape of the letter X. Try out this new bead which we offer in the size of 3.5 x 15.5 mm. The current range of the production portfolio presents a relatively large selection of various surface finishes applied to three basic glass types: crystal, alabaster and black glass.


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