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Carry Bags

Go places, and go in style, and stay organized! These custom craft bags, made especially for BeadFX are designed with the mobile beader in mind. By us. Because we are mobile beaders and we know what we need in a bead-travel-bag.

Weekend trip to the cottage? Take along your current project and instruction. Visiting family? Carry the mostly finished projects, get the sizes right, and then finish them there. Heading out for a class? Pack your favourite tools (don't forget to mark them with tape or a dot of nail polish - so you can tell them from everyone else's tools!) Afternoon bead tea at BeadFX? Bring your project, and you'll have plenty of room to carry away the new project that you started when you get distracted. ;-)

Lots of room to slip in your tablet or even a small laptop too!

Over 50% of each of these organizers is made by hand, using domestic sewing machines. The quilting is done free-hand - which shows you the skill of the makers.  Clear pocket fronts so you can see what is in each pocket - no rooting in a dark pocket and stabbing yourself with the scissors or a needle. Tube pockets for your vials of seedbeads.

AND - we designed it big enough to put one of our large Bead-on-it boards in, or TWO of the smaller ones. And it fits the Mirrix Loom too!

Handle is long enough to go over your shoulder, but short enough that it can still carry in your hand. Handle is stitched all the way down the side and underneath, so it will carry the weight of all your beady goodies and not tear away.

Made by Yazzii - the pre-eminant name in craft organizer bags - the only question is ... What's in your Yazzii?


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