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C-Lon Bead Micro Cord

C-Lon Micro Cord is a bonded, 3-ply, twisted nylon light cord/heavy thread. Size is #69/Tex 70 (+/- 0.115mm). Will fit through size 15/0 seed beads or larger. Great for stitching, wrapping, finishing, hidden construction, and micro-knotting/macrame if you want a finer look. Also suitable for stringing beads, kumihimo or bead crochet with small holes beads (11s, 15s, semi-precious and precious faceted beads). Matches the other C-LON colors so it's good if you need to mix thread sizes in one project.



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C-Lon® thread is 3-ply twisted and bonded nylon. Micro-weight thread is ideal for stringing small hole beads, micro-macramé, detail work, loom weaving, stitching or wrapping, bead crochet and more with a tensile strength up to 11 pounds. Color may vary from dye lot to dye lot.