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Crazy Lace Agate - Sky Blue


Crazy Lace is colour-enhanced Mexican Crazy Lace Agate. Normally it is white and opaque and has lovely, but subtle, swirling patterns. To emphasize these beautifull patterns, colour has been added. The process is permanent. Colour enhancement is common with agates to make them "fashion relevant" - and just plain gorgeous.

Agate is a Micro-crystaline (not big, gemmy crystals) form of quartz, and characteristically is at least partially semi-translucent. It is hard, takes a very nice polish, is tight-grained and comes in an amazing array of colours. In addition to its natural range of colours, it also takes dyes well and can be had in a stunning array of fashion colours. It often exhibits banding and flow patterns. It is formed in pockets left in lava, which over time, have filled with deposited minerals.

Metaphysically - the healing properties of Crazy Lace are retained. Lace Agates are said to keep the wearer well-balanced while helping to banish fear.

We try to choose consistent stock, but the nature of natural stones is that there will be inconsistency between strands and between individual beads.

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