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Delicas - 8/0 - Copper Lined Opal


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  • Manufactured by: Miyuki
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Perfect tubes in size 8/0. Made in Japan. 3mm x 3mm Hole size is approx. 1.5.
Size: 8/0

Color: Pink

Package Size: 5g

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Perfect tubes in size 8/0.

Made in Japan. 3mm x 3mm Hole size is approx. 1.5.

BeadFX has a large selection of these large designer-favorite Delica seed beads by number to ensure you get the right bead for creating your jewelry projects, bead weaving and on or off loom beading.  These seed beads from Miyuki of Japan are well-loved for their consistent shape and size.

Delica seed beads are a uniform cylinder bead with flat ends and a fairly large hole. 
The 8/0 outside diameter is 3.0mm, 2.7mm-2.8mm long with a hole size of 1.50mm-1.60mm and approximately 30 beads per gram.  The color numbers are consistent between all Delica sizes (DB,DBM,DBL,DBS)
We mainly package these in tubes of 10grams, so approximately 300 beads per tube!

Perfect Japanese Tube Cylinder beads, in size 8/0 - about 3 mm. Big holes. Great as accent beads, for bead weaving projects with more heft to them, or for tired eyes.

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DBL0191:Delicas - 8/0 - Copper Lined Opal

DBL0191 Miyuki Delica 8/0 seed beads is the largest size within the 4 sizes of Japanese cylinder beads. Many colors & large hole size Miyuki Delica size 8 (DBL) allow emphasized creations. For bead-weaving and bead-loom projects the consistency of Miyuki Delica size 8 beads enables larger pieces.