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Discount Coupon


On-line Coupons (E-Coupons)

  1. Online coupons ? can only be redeemed Online.
    Online or E-coupons can only be redeemed in transactions online. They cannot be redeemed over the phone, added to your order after it is submitted, or redeemed in-store.
  2. Expiry Dates.
    E-coupons are time-limited ? or °»while supplies last.°… If your code is not working it may be that you are using it past its expiration date or we are sold out.
  3. Not applicable for Shipping, Taxes, etc.
    E-coupons are for products only ? with some restrictions. Not all items are discountable. Coupon savings do not apply to shipping, taxes, gift certificates, classes, class kits, special orders
  4. E-coupons do not combine with other offers
    Orders that are use coupons or any other discounts, sales, bead society or vendor discounts are not eligible for Frequent Beader Points. Please use your coupons wisely as once an order is disqualified for Rewards we cannot remove the e-coupon and qualify the order.
  5. You can only use °»one-time°… coupons one time. These are for °»First°… or °»Next°… order.**
    E-coupons are one time use only. If you have used an e-coupon on an order you have canceled, you cannot reuse that coupon on a new order nor can we restore or reactivate it for you. Sorry.
    If you have already used this coupon before, you will receive a window with the Warning °»It appears that you have already used the coupon.°…
  6. One Per Order.
    Only one e-coupon or discount (rewards, rebates, shipping specials, promotions, certificates, site discounts, etc.) can be used per order.
  7. E-coupons are invalid on certain orders.
    E-coupons can not be applied to special pre-orders, completed/shipped orders, certain products or in combination with any other discounts, including but not limited to site discounts, Frequent Beader Points, other coupons, sale prices, etc.
  8. Special E-Coupons (Bead Societies)
    If you have a Bead Society coupon, it will expire once per year. Please renew your bead society membership to get your new e-coupon. These coupons are for member use only and are not to be shared. If this occurs you may get a warning stating °»Coupon is not valid for this user or through this online account.°…

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