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Display Stands

If you can't convince your family members to model your jewelry for you - then you might want to invest in a couple of display stands. Great for photographing your work for either recording your progress, or selling online.

Lightweight and portable too - so they're easy to take on the road if you do craft shows or home jewelry parties. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

White or Black? Pick white for glass and crystal jewelry - to make it sparkle. Transparent beads and stones disappear on black. Choose white also for photography purposes - it's very hard to get the right exposure on black, and every piece of lint and dust shows up.

Pick black to make opaque stones and metal look rich and exclusive. Keep it lint free with lint rollers or masking tape and bag when not in use.

In either case - when they get impossibly soiled - freshen them up in some creative way - i.e. a spray can of fake stone finish or re-wrap with fabric, or simply buy new ones and donate the old ones to someone less discriminating (like a grand-daughter - who would be happy to play with them!)

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