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Freshwater Pearls

There is a mystique to pearls. Until recently, pearls were beyond the reach of anyone except royalty and the most fabulously wealthy (which, also until recently, were pretty much the same thing.) Now, you can have pearls.

What could be more classic than a pearl necklace? Matching earrings and a bracelet perhaps? Classic doesn't turn your crank - funk it up -- pearls are hot-hot-hot! Mix with something outrageous?

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Most affordable pearls, like most affordable gemstones, are colour-enhanced, either through dyeing, heat or irradiation treatment (no, it doesn't make them radioactive.) Those that have not been enhanced are noted as being "Natural" colour, i.e. Natural White, Natural Ivory.

Remember - pearls are made by molluscs, (oysters, clams, etc.) and processed in batches (by humans.) It can be very difficult to restock with the same item, and even if we order a shipment of 5 mm peach oval pearls - there is no saying that the second batch will look the same. They may vary in terms of size, texture and especially colour. So please, buy as much as you need to finish your project! After all, if these looked like they were made by machines, they wouldn't be half as much fun! If you do want machine-like consistency - check out our Fashion pearls and Swarovski Pearls.

Pearls have very small holes. Plan to string on fine softflex or equivalent, or even more traditional using Silk Thread with a knot between each pearl as it has been done for years!