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This handsome, dark grey stone has an extremely high gloss and is very attractive and sophisticated looking! It's principle component is Iron.

We have both magnetic and non-magnetite hematite - please note the word "Magnetic" in the description. If it doesn't say, it ain't. ;-) Besides - the Magnetic stuff is off on it's own page now!

Metaphysically - Hematite is considered to be a grounding stone and good for mental organization and logical thinking.

Note: unless noted otherwise, our "hematite" is technically "hemalyke." Hemalyke is a reconstituted hematite. It is characterized by being smoother, glossier, and more consistent. Genuine hematite is significantly less glossy, more likely to be pitted, leaves a red streak on a hard surface if you scratch with it, and is rarer and more expensive.

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