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Huichol (pronounced wee-CHOL) is a unique style of beadwork from the Huichol people - indigenous peoples of the mountainous regions of north central Mexico. Traditionally worked over wood or gourds, they cover the item with a beeswax and resin mixture and press the beads into the surface.

The process is considered to be meditative and prayerful - and we have found that it is surprisingly soothing to do. You can use not just the traditional seedbeads, but just about any bead that will stick to this specially-formulate wax mixture (which will not reject the beads as it hardens, and has a pleasant and exotic scent.)

To use - take a pea size piece of wax, knead it in your finger to soft, flatten, and stick to your item to be decorated. Place the beads in a pattern on the wax - generally - you start from the centre and work out - pressing the beads into place as you go.


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