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So many different kinds of Jasper!

Jasper - a huge variety of earthy, opaque stones fall into the category of "Jasper." The name means literally "spotted stone" - but that does not begin to convey the enormous variety of colours and patterns. Some Jaspers exhibit banding or flow patterns from the sediment from which they were formed - others have "dendritic" (multi-branched crystals) mineral growths that form star-like or vegetation-like patterns. Some have been fractured and rehealed in the process of being made by the earth, forming even more interesting patterns. Jasper is a complex and varied stone!

Some Jasper is dyed to enhance it's colour or make it more on-trend. Others are appreciated for their natural, earthy beauty.

Jasper has been in use as both a gemstone for adornment and for ornamental and useful objects from vases to snuffboxes for thousands of years.