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Designer - Keys


Swarovski Elements — Pendants — Designer: Yoko Ono

An intrepid artist since the 60's - Yoko Ono is the latest in a long-line of impressive artists to collaborate with Swarovski.

While at first Ono may not seem like an obvious match - the musician/filmaker/performance artist/activist/writer and the world famous maker of exquisite gleaming crystal - but in truth - the common element is "multi-faceted."

When approached by Swarovski - she turned for inspiration to some of her older works. At first - the key seems like a simple symbol - on a footing with hearts and horseshoes - but in fact, the key is an intensely personal symbol for everyone - unlocking a different meaning for every different person. Ono describes it as "a key that unlocks the door to the forest - with it's secrets; to the sky - with it's peacefulness; and to the universe, with it's infinity."

These crystal keys are a triumph too of Swarovski's mastery of crystal. The complex - yet simple and subtle form - is a tour de force of the process of shaping crystal. The execution is unparalled. The dynamic tension of crystal vs strength - causes us to pause and imagine what doors we can unlock.

Keys are also available in a signed version - Ms. Ono's signature clearly engraved on the blade of the key.

Specialy designed bails are still available to hang these: see them below!

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