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Delica 8/0 Beads (DBL)


MIYUKI has a line of Japanese Delica beads 8/0 which is larger than DB(11/0) named "Delica precision cut 8/0 (DBL)".  DBL features the same proportionate uniform shape, allowing your beaded jewelry to have more impact. We stock a large selection of designer-favorite Delica seed beads by number to ensure you get the right bead for creating your jewelry projects, bead weaving and on or off loom beading.

These Miyuki Delica seed beads 8/0 from Japan are loved for their consistent shape and size and the large clean hole. 

Large Delica Beads (DBL) are size 8/0 Japanese cylinder beads. Like the other sizes of Miyuki Delica Beads DBLs are ideal for beadweaving, but also can be threaded on a thin leather or cord because of their generous hole size. 8/0 Delica beads can be either smooth or six-sided (hex cut), and measure 3.0mm x 2.7mm with a hole size of 1.5mm. Count is approximately 30 beads per gram.

The color numbers are consistent between all Delica sizes (DB,DBM,DBL,DBS) Bead-Weaving using the same pattern as the smaller sizes makes a larger finished size, but keeps the detail. This difference is because of their character. The size of DBL is larger for the 8/0 size, so it has made possible stunning bead designs.

These 3.0mm seedbeads are excellent for embellishment and are often used for knitting. Also enjoyed by those who have been working with seedbeads for a while and are looking for the ease of detail given using larger beads. For consistant numbering and sorting, we use a 4 digit color number at BeadFX.  DBL-1 becomes DBL-0001 etc.  
We invite you to try these exciting new beads. We hope they inspire you to even greater levels of creativity! Most of our Japanese cylinder seed beads Delica 8/0's are packaged in 10 gram tubes.

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