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Coin Pearls

We've been bugging Swarovski to bring out coin pearls for quite some time now - doing things like saying to the sales reps that come and do the quarterly new-product presentations, "Hey - why don't you make coin pearls?", and "Hey, why haven't you made those coin pearls yet!"

And, here they finally are! Freshwater coin pearls have become increasingly hard to get, utterly inconsistent and of wildly fluctuating quality and price - and sometimes, you just really want these flat, lentil-shaped pearls to make your designs sing! And, it's really nice when you make something and your BFF bugs you to make her* one too - you know that you can instead of not being able find those pesky coin pearls again!

So let's hear it for Swarovski Coin Pearls - quality, consistency, and predictable supply! Yay Swarovski!

* or him. We don't judge.

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