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Patina - Gilders Paste - Iris Blue (30 ml tin)

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Gilder's Paste is a wax/resin product with a high concentration of pigment, for adding colour to metal, wood, ceramic, resin and many other items. It behaves much like a wax or a polish. Apply with a finger or cloth, let dry - buff. It is not UV resistant, and should be coated with a clear coat if it is to be used outside extensively. It can be thinned with paint thinner. Great for creating an antique look or highlighting texture by making a stronger contrast. You can apply and polish off the high areas before it is completely dry, to add emphasis to textures. A little goes a long way - a tin of this will probably last you forever. Dries in 10 mins to the touch, 12 hours to fully dry. No tacky residue. Does not fade.

Don't worry if it dries up in the tin - it's still good. Add a few drops of paint thinner and let it sit.

Covers 30 square feet. Approx 1 oz.

Made in Japan.

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