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Adhesive - 4oz Gem-Tac -

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Embellishing glue. Design with Rhinestones, Pearls, Sequins, glitter and more. Non-toxic. 1. If possible, test first on scrap material. 2. Surfaces should be clean and dry. 3. Snip open tip, 1/8th inch from end for smallest opening. 4. Cover back of item to be glued, and gently place without pressure. 5. For glitter, loose material, apply glue first, then sprinkle. Shake off the excess when dry. 6. On non-porous surfaces - i.e. cell phones, stay with smaller stones, i.e. 5 mm or less. 7. Allow 24 hours for full drying time. Embellish clothes, jeans, jackets, dancewear, ballroom gowns (cuz you have sooo many of those!), costumes, purses, cell phones, glasses, pillboxes (!! really? !!) and more. From Drab to Fab! Even works on leather and SOME plastics.

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