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Needle - #10 Tulip Beading Needle - Short (4)

  • SKU: s33234
  • 104 Available Online
  • 4 In-Store
  • Manufactured by: Tulip


Sharp (Short). Ideal for beading & bead embroidery. Runs smoothly through cloth with a fine point. Four needles come in a protective glass vial. Premium Tulip brand beading needles. Ideal for beading and bead embroidery. Flexible and strong. Tulip beading needles are springy so they can bend into tight spaces and bounce back to straight rather than curve or curl. Their tips are rounded to avoid splitting the thread and ease their sliding between beads. Their eyes are designed for easy threading. Do not use with abrasive material.

Made in Japan. 0.46mm x 37mm By the pack of 4.

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