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Adhesive - Crystal Ninja - Master Glue Kit

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  • Manufactured by: Crystal Ninja


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The only thing more amazing that the Crystal Ninja's - aka Ms. Kellie Defries - compulsion to bling the world is her generosity in sharing her techniques and tools to do it with! This is her "Master Glue Kit" - a kit so packed full of glue-y goodness that I couldn't get it all in the photo. (True Story - after I shot it, I found another container of glue on the desk that I had managed to miss!) OK - this kit contains: two different adhesives - E6000 and Gemtac, alcohol wipes for degreasing surfaces to ensure perfect adhesion, syringes for perfect glue placement (10), and two sizes (16 and 14 gauge, med and biggish) of needle (blunt) tips, plus another metal screw on tip (and a rammy cleaner out doo-hickey) that you screw onto a precision glue bottle (also included), and a genuine lint-free, smooth, firm Crystal Ninja mat. Bling like a Ninja!

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