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Our Referrer Terms and Conditions

Spread the Word!


Crafters and artists love to share, and we'd like to reward you for bragging about your great place to buy beads and other supplies - BeadFX!


You can get paid for referring your friends, customers, or casual acquaintances to us!

It's simple really - we give you a code and a link that you can put on your website, instagram account, facebook page, email signature - anywhere you like. When someone clicks on it and comes to our site and buys something - you get a percentage. Just like that. Easy money.


Here's how it works - sign up, you will get a link to use that has your own personal code in it, you put it somewhere, and let us know, and we will check it out. If we are happy, we will approve it, and that's it. That's all you have to do.


You will get a percentage of their purchases paid to you.


Stuff to know

1.  Percentage you get: 5% of their purchases, not including tax, shipping, gift certificate, or in-store purchases.  Yes, even when their purchase is on sale!  Their order must be placed on the website, not by phone etc.

2.  How often: We will pay you monthly, normally by the 10th of the month for orders paid and shipped by that time.

3.  How will you be paid: Payments will be by PayPal to you directly. We can do cheques in Canada if you prefer, but we reserve the right to not write cheques for less than $10.00 and to deduct postage costs.

4.  Privacy: You can't see their orders, you won't know who they are. They don't get any info back about you.

5.  How long: You will be eligible for a percent of their purchases for six months after they click on your link, and recurring each time they purchase within 6 months.  Yes, if they become a regular customer at BeadFX and buy every couple of months like many of our customers you will continue to get paid unless the customer clears the cookie. If they use your link again, it resets the six months again.


Other stuff: We reserve the right to not affiliate with sites that are spammy, offensive, inappropriate or contain malicious software. Your visitors should know that clicking on the link will take them to our site.  We reserve the right to terminate (ban) any affiliate link without prior notice, however we will notify you at the email address that we have on file.


Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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