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Stone Beads — Jasper

Jasper - a huge variety of earthy, opaque stones fall into the category of "Jasper." The name means literally "spotted stone" - but that does not begin to convey the enormous variety of colours and patterns. Some Jaspers exhibit banding or flow patterns from the sediment from which they were formed - others have "dendritic" (multi-branched crystals) mineral growths that form star-like or vegetation-like patterns. Some have been fractured and rehealed in the process of being made by the earth, forming even more interesting patterns. Jasper is a complex and varied stone!

Jasper has been in use as both a gemstone for adornment and for ornamental and useful objects from vases to snuffboxes for thousands of years.

We try to choose consistent stock, but the nature of natural stones is that there will be inconsistency between strands and between individual beads.

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