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Tools - JoolTool - Machine and Basic Polishing Kit

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Ah yes - this little baby is amazing. The JoolTool by Anie - it's list of features read like a midnight infomercial, but really - it actually does what it says. Check out the video on youtube. This is a do-it-all finishing system! Does lapping, polishing, grinding, sharpening, sanding and deburring. In many cases, it actually eliminates the need for conventional bench grinders, belt sanders, sharpeners and the like. The JoolTool does it all! Refinish chipped or scratched stones! Polish anything from resin to metal. Metal clay. Sterling Silver, gold, silver, brass, platinum, bronze, steel, and more. With add-in kits of abrasives and polishes, you can polish and shape anything. Polish polymer clay, cloisonne, and cold work glass.

Compact vertical design with ergonomic custom base to tilt towards you. Small footprint. Surprisingly good construction. Completely adequate motor provides high torque at all speed settings. Made in USA. Manufacturers' warranty.

BUT THE BEST PART is it's unique design that allows you to see the surface that you are polishing WHILE YOU ARE POLISHING IT. The second best part, and maybe these two excellent features belong in the other order, you can argue that if you like, is that it is effortless and fast to change abrasive disks. The propellor-shaped disk, as it rotates at speed, disappears from view, and you bring the item to be polished up under the spinning disk, and you shape and polish, with complete view of what you are doing. No stopping every few seconds to check your progress. When you need to switch abrasives, a quarter spin of the disk on the tapered spindle spins it off and you drop on another and spin it into position. Takes seconds and it requires no extra tools and does not bind or jam. Seriously.

Includes precision 3M abrasives adapted for use with the JoolTool finishing machine.

Includes: The JoolTool Finishing Machine, 3 See-thru Backpads, 3M Purple Ceramic Disc, 120 grit; 3M EXL Scratch Eraser, See thru Felt, Cotton Buffing Wheel (mount directly on spindle), 3M Radial Polishing Brush. Tapered Spindle; Ergonomic base; convertible storage tray/water tray; optional hand/tool rest; Instructional CD; stretchy finger tape.

1/20 hp motor. Base is about 8 x 12 inches. Wheel diameter is 3 inches. 500 - 5,000 variable speed. Can connect to a shop vac or the JoolTool vacuum with Hepa filter for keeping the area clean and stopping you from breathing in the dust. (1.5 inch diameter hole.) This machine is extraordinarily quiet - your neighbors will not complain, it doesn't drown out conversation, and you will not need hearing protection. It is a joy to use!

Please note - this is the newer model - with more features.

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Made in China.

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