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Swarovski Pendant - 36mm Kaputt Oval Pendant (6911) - Crystal Dorado

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  • Brand: Swarovski
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It all began with something perfect. When Jean Paul Gaultier, haute couture rebel and modern design legend, visited Swarovski headquarters in 2013, he was struck by the perfection of Swarovski crystal. Inspired to create a crystal design of his own, he felt that there was no way to make something perfect more perfect. There was only a way to make it new. And that was adding a touch of imperfection Once the idea was out there, the creative power of Jean Paul Gaultier and technical expertise of Swarovski joined forces to give birth to something new. It took them over a year of development and experimentation, but in the end the result was perfect. Or perfectly imperfect. Aptly named kaputt (the German word for broken) this exciting new shape breaks with conventions and celebrate the appeal of being different and unpredictable.

Made in Austria. 36mm Hole is front to back. By the each.