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Knitted Wire & WireLace

WireLace® is a ribbon woven with very fine wires

Made of brass and copper or aluminum and bonded with an enamel coating to create a variety of stunning colors.

It is:

  • NICKEL-FREE: an ideal choice for persons with nickel-allergies or for creating jewelry for countries with a ban on certain products containing nickel.
  • WATER PROOF: great for fiber crafts, jewelry and sewing where items may get wet or need to be gently hand washed.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: a great embellishment for use in low heat projects (under 275 degrees): bake directly into polymer clay; adorn lamp shades, hot-glue into scrapbooks. Note: certain colors (primarily copper) can change slightly when heated so advance testing is always recommended.

What Can You Do with it?

  • expand it to create lacy waves about 3 times its width (but not the 1 mm width. Try braiding or crocheting with that instead! )
  • use it like ribbon
  • insert beads, string or wire inside (but again, not the 1 mm)
  • knot it
  • thread it through beads
  • bake polymer clay on it
  • knit, weave or sew with it


  • The wider you stretch it the shorter it gets - so allow extra length - approximately .5 – 1 x the final length.
  • To string it, twist the end and add a dab of glue, like hypo tube cement. Let it dry, and trim at an angle.
  • Hold beads/crystals in place with a dab of hypotube cement.
  • Insert wire/bead cable inside so that it doesn't stretch out your waves using a blunt, large needle, i.e. yarn needle or bent wire.
  • Don't let it get stuck to the hook portion of Velcro™ fasteners. Bad thing. On the upside, it sticks to it really well, on the down side, it won't look nice when it comes off.


Knitted wire by SilverSilk(tm) is Fine wire - knitted.

Beautiful, strong and supple. SilverSilk is a new material for us to play with - knitted from Argentium silver or enameled copper, SilverSilk is lightweight, incredibly durable, non-tarnish, and can be cut without fraying, and is supple to the touch.

SilverSilk is machine stitched to perfection, cuts easily with wire cutters, holds its shape and will take your jewelry designs to the next level.

What can you design with Silver Silk?

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