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Books — Lampworking

If you don't know already, lampworking is the ancient art of handmaking glass beads. It is a deeply addictive obsession! We offer glass, supplies, studio space, and, of course, the beads themselves. Oh, and these inspiring books too!

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you want to learn to make glass beads yourself, and you can't get to a class, or even if you can, read Cindy Jenkin's "Making Glass Beads." Period. Bar none - the best book for getting started. "Passing the Flame" is also fabulous — AFTER taking a class or spending some time on the torch - as it is light on the getting started aspect (and that isn't the book's focus so that is not a flaw.) But as you want to progress or have questions about how many of the beads that you see available and being made are done, it is invaluable. I also highly recommend "Jim Smirich's Amazing Control of Heat" once you get tired of making beads with pointy ends or that are uneven or struggling with shapes. (Or, you can always sign up for more classes with us.)

Which is not to say anything against the other books listed here, as they are all very good. Those are just our opinions - in case you are stuck trying to figure out which to buy first. Or do what I do - collect the whole set!

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