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Letter+Number Sets

These alphabet metal stamps by Impress Art and Metal Complex with matching number stamps are ideal for stamping metal pieces to customize or identify your stamped jewelry. A quality metal stamp set  will last a lifetime! Most steel letter stamps are available in both uppercase and lowercase too.

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Letter Stamps and Number stamps

Our Alphabet metal stamps and metal number stamps are available in several sizes, quality and type-styles!  Each can be used for stamping metal - soft metals like aluminum, brass, copper, silver and gold will easily take an impression, and thinner steel will need a harder blow from the hammer.  Getting started with a reasonable quality metal stamping kit, some scrap metal and a hammer and hard surface will soon produce good results.

Most letter stamps are uppercase letter stamps, and most number stamps match the uppercase sets.  Many also have a matching lowercase metal stamp kit too to finish your stamped jewelry needs.

So adding metal stamping number stamps, and later letter stamps in a different font and possibly a lowercase set of steel letter stamps is a good way to get started with stamped jewelry.  And of course many shapes and patterns are available in that section to complete your metal stamp needs!

Metal stamping numbers are seldom used in jewelry making on their own, and you'll find may other uses for your steel stamp sets around the home.  These metal stamps will of course also stamp plastic, wood and most other soft materials.  Using a metal stamp kit to emboss on leather is often used with great effect.

A metal stamp kit for best results will need a quality hammer, and guiding tape to let you easily keep a straight line and consistent spacing. When you stamp metal, safety glasses are recommended.