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Metal Bezels Bases and Cuffs


Bezel and Flat Bases 

Make thes bases the basis for your next creation! Suitable for using with polymer clay, resin, or epoxy clay. From very modern blingy looks to historical replicas - let your imagination start here!

We are really excited about these for use with the epoxy clays and rhinestones!

(They can be also baked in the oven for use with polymer clay.)

Use with Resin, expoxy clay, polymer clay, or ... ? What will you embezel ... ?

Bangles and bracelets and cuffs - wrist candy! Collage, glue, stamp, rivet, polymer clay, leather, epoxy clay, wire work. What will you embellish your wrist with?

Dress up your Ears with your own bezel findings. Try not to make them too heavy though - you want to be able to wear them all night!

Link up for style! Use these as links in a necklace, bracelet, or vertically as a pendant with a dangle below!

Open frames - use for resin - stick to some packing tape to hold the resin in place until it sets up, and then pull the tape off. Make two sided pendants, or embed something 3D in the resin.

Pop stone in and twist loop to close up gap in ring and secure stone. Good to go. Very clever design.

Metal bezel - decorated with Hobnails (bumps on the side). Use with iced enamels, resin, epoxy clay, decoupage, polymer clay, ... your imagination is the limit! Nice deep bezel - 4 mm deep!

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