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Patina Surface Treatments

It's the Age of Patinas. Add interest, individualize your components, tweak the colours, display details into stronger relief. Excellent for the Steam Punk and Industrial Chic looks.  Patinas and polishes can provide those finishing touches!

Gilder's Paste - an intensely-coloured wax paste - resistance to water and common chemical reagents - excellent for coloring and highlighting. Use on metals, cermics, epoxy clay, polymer clay, resin, etc. You may need to rough up the surface to give some tooth for the Gilder's paste to hang on to - i.e. the metal surface might be a little too slippery. Gilder's paste dries to the touch in about 10 - 15 mins, and hardens fully after 12 hours, when you can buff it to a shine. (If you put it on metal, and don't like the effect or think you have too much, I've had success with wiping it with Renaissance wax and immediately wiping both right off.)

You can also dilute it with a little paint thinner or turpentine, for better penetration into fine detail.

Gilder's Paste is not particularly UV resistant, so should be sprayed with a UV resistant clear coating to protect it for outside applications.

Should your paste harden over the years - because a little goes a long way - soften it with a little solvent like paint thinner.

This image shows an Art Deco Dragonfly. Top right (untreated), top left (Patina) bottom, (Inca Gold). I wanted to retain the fairly heavy layer of patina, and so I spray-coated them with a sealer coat.

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