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Post Black Friday Tool Specials

Special selected items for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sofa Sunday (there will be a game :) ), and Cyber Monday!

The third color for this weekend is Magenta,  our own designed 12 x 17 inches Carry Bag by Yazzii.  Designed by BeadFX!  ONE DAY ONLY FOR THE Magenta Carry Bag!!!  ONLY 30 available at this price!

ImpressArt Stamp sets are considered the best for consistent lettering, and are seldom on sale.  A very few of the most popular full font sets are here for this special weekend deal - and are very limited quantity at this price.  Use them with clays, metals or wood for perfect letters every time.  A few special blanks are shown here, and over 100 favored blanks are available in our regular stock as well as additional stamping sets!

Tools!  Some of the best specialized tools are absolutely necessary for some projects.  Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers let you make very tight square 90 degree bends, and square loops, and are very comfortable to use.  Ever tried to hold a ring for polishing or repairing?  Ring Holding pliers make this a simple task!  Need a specialized Bail?  The Wubbers Bail Pliers are perfect for that job!

In addition to the special items shown here, our very popular Heishi beads, and our Freshwater Pearls are also offered at huge savings this weekend only!

Ah Yes!  Let me add on the Lindstrom Flush Side-cutters too - wonderful to work with especially for smaller hands.  Only 2 available this weekend!

Limited Quantities - While they last!


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