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Pyrite, Iron Pyrites, "Fool's Gold" - once called that due to many miners mistaking it for gold. This metallic looking stone definitely has a different look. It can leave a mark when rubbed vigorously on a hard surface - we don't suggest wearing this on white, and some of the rough, chunky beads would not be a good choice with fragile silk either. But for an earthy look with a bit of glitz - fabulous!

Pyrite is iron sulfide and has an opaque, shiny, metallic luster.  It is named for the Greek word pyr, or "fire," as it produces sparks when struck with steel. Pyrite has been used in jewelry and ornamentation for thousands of years. All that and it is also magnetic!

North American Indians used pyrite as amulets, which medicine men employed in the course of their incantations.

Metaphysically - pyrite is used to foster intelligence, logic and analytical ability.

Hardness-  6 to 6.5 Mohs

We try to choose consistent stock, but the nature of natural stones is that there will be inconsistency between strands and between individual beads.