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Rhinestone Snaps

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Studs and Snaps — and Applicator Tool

Genuine Swarovski stones, as Studs (also called Decorative Buttons) and Snaps. The crystal - in it's metal bezel with an eyelet back - can be mounted as a decorative element on fabric.

With the addition of a snap-back - a second element comprised of a snap and a back - can make the Decorative Button into a functional stud.

Plus - we have a fabulous tool for correctly attaching these to fabric. Formerly - these decorative elements had to be attached with a "fly press" - which is about the size of a washing maching - and somewhat more expensive. This new hand tool won't do 400 applications an hour, but it will allow you to stud up your denim jacket in a completely professional manner!

Don't forget the other things you can do with these elements too - such as embed them in epoxy clay or polymer clay!

See here for instructions on using the Applicator Tool. (will open in new window/tab)

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