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Glass Beads Round - 4mm - Jet (strand)


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Round beads. Approximately 100 beads on a strand. 4mm (strand)
Size: 4mm

Shape: Round

Color: Black

Material: Glass

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Round beads. Approximately 100 beads on a strand.

4mm (strand)

Review our wide selection of 6mm Czech druk beads, round pressed glass treasures manufactured in the age old Czech tradition primarily by Jablonex, the World's top name in glass beads. Druk beads are consistently uniform in shape and size, and are available in nearly innumerable finish and color combinations. Druk beads are widely used in numerous jewelry designs, and are the perfect combination of quality and economy. These popular and versatile Czech glass beads are hand made in small batches, so some slight color variance is to be expected from batch to batch and size to size.

Czech Druk Beads are a classic pressed glass bead made in the Czech Republic. They are an essential component in any beading design. Czech Druk Beads come in a variety of vibrant Czech glass colors with an array of beautiful finishes.

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Glass Beads Round - 4mm - Jet (strand)

Druks are classic round beads

Glossary: A druk is simply a round bead :-) Rhymes with "truck"